The Sound Torch 2.0

You want fire?
Are you ready for it?

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sound torch

About Sound Torch

We are the creators of Sound Torch, a speaker designed to encompass music and flames into the same clusters of awesomeness. Remember those apps that translate music into fractal patterns? We are taking this visual experience at the next level. Sound Torch is the perfect embodiment of synaesthesia: the music you play shapes the fire pattern accordingly, leading to unique shows, which will definitely animate your party, if youre among friends, or will put you in a meditative state like never before, if you are enjoying it alone.

Our principle is simple: if you want to have real fun, you cannot avoid fire. Along the history, pyrotechnics and the unforgettable art of setting guitars on fire during the show have proved it. Therefore, we have taken this principle and made the best of it by finding a formula which combines the spectacular effects of music and fire with very reliable safety protocols. Our magic formula is called Sound Torch. Please enjoy it!


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